PVC Strip Curtains Stainless Steel Track – Sliding Track

Chillsaver PVC Strip Curtains can be made up as sliding systems, either positioned within an opening (lintel mounted) or outside an opening (fascia mounted).

Sliding PVC Strip Curtains are advantageous for bulk loading and unloading particularly when moving items in and out on pallets using motorized pallet jacks and forklifts.

It is beneficial to be able to slide the PVC Strip Curtain away from the opening when taking through delicate items or items wrapped in plastic film which may stick to the curtain.

In addition to large warehouse doorways and cool rooms, sliding systems can be supplied for small personnel doorways. These are particularly useful when people have to carry through trays of food and any obstruction may cause a problem.

Double or triple track systems are generally used where space is limited on one side or both sides of the opening; they are especially useful in refrigerated trucks.

Chillsaver Sliding PVC Strip Curtains are available in the following configurations:

  • Single track / single slider:
    Whole curtain slides to either the left or to the right
  • Single track / double slider:
    Half the curtain slides to the left and half to the right
  • Double track / double slider:
    Half the curtain slides behind the other half within the opening
  • Triple track / triple slider:
    Two-thirds of the curtain slides behind one third within the opening
  • Latching Options:
    Latching open, latching closed and latching in both open AND closed positions
  • Customised Systems:
    Chillsaver can design a system to suit most applications