Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Chillsaver Australia provides expert service and support for all our product installations and can also provide maintenance and repairs to all types of motorised, automated or mechanical components relating to industrial doors and external shade systems.

Our highly skilled service technicians have experience with a vast range of equipment from various manufacturers and are able to work in a wide variety of commercial environments. We carry out all work as per our safety management system and any customer or site specific requirements. We will also ensure that any applicable certification and/or documentation is completed and provided to the client as appropriate.

Regular maintenance and servicing is recommended to ensure that your equipment is operating at its optimal performance and its working life is maximised. We can arrange a tailored maintenance program for you, or we can carry out a general inspection and assessment of your automated system, and make any minor adjustments as required.

Please call our Service Department on 9300 9377 or contact for all your service and maintenance requirements.

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