Chillsaver Rapid Doors

Chillsaver Rapid Doors are built here in Australia and are available in various models to suit different applications.

Chillsaver Rapid Doors provide the following benefits:

  • Low ongoing cost of ownership
  • Individual curtain segments are easily replaced
  • Quick and convenient access for high usage openings
  • Time proven design, reliable and cost effective operation
  • Innovative design features incorporating unique technologies
  • Modern microprocessor based motor and logic control system
  • Stabilises the air temperature, enhances access, hygiene and security
  • Models available to operate in ambient, cool room and freezer room conditions

Options available:

  • Photocells
  • Pull switch
  • Push button
  • Safety edge
  • Induction loops
  • Remote control
  • Motion detectors
  • Dual open heights
  • Clear vision panels
  • Constant or variable speed drive
  • Single, double or triple curtain skins
  • 415v three phase or 240v single phase
  • Auto open or continuing operation on power failure

Some of the models available are detailed below.

Profile Rapid Roll Door:

  • Up to 4.5M High x 3.5M Wide

Cadence Rapid Fold Door:

  • Up to 6.5M High x 6.0M Wide

Freezer Rapid Fold Door:

  • Up to 4.5M High x 3.5M Wide
  • Heated door frame to prevent ice buildup
  • Operates in freezer rooms down to -35°C
  • Triple insulated curtain for maximum insulation