Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll Doors

Chillsaver Rapid Roll Doors are the ideal solution for doorways where high speed operation and frequent openings are required. Designed to improve your operations’ energy efficiency, safety and security, they are used in a wide variety of industries including cold storage, distribution, manufacturing and clean rooms.

Available for internal and external openings with speeds of up to 1300mm per second via the compact, direct drive motor and integral gearbox assembly, the doors come with a host of safety features and a digital display control panel.

Manufactured in Australia using quality components, Chillsaver Rapid Roll Door sare extremely reliable, durable and combine rapid operation with a wide range of activation options to suit your specific needs.

Chillsaver Rapid Doors provide the following benefits:

  • Low ongoing cost of ownership, reliable and cost effective operation
  • Quick and convenient access for high usage openings
  • Stabilises air temperature and enhances access, hygiene and security
  • Models available to operate in ambient, cool room and freezer room environments

Chillsaver Rapid Door Features:

  • Manufactured to your specific requirements
  • Range of colours and clear vision panels available
  • Soft start variable speed drive
  • Multiple door opening heights available
  • 240v single phase or 415v three phase
  • Optional UPS for continued operation during power outage

Activation Options available:

  • Push button
  • Pull Cord
  • Remote Control
  • PE Sensors
  • Safety Beams
  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Optical Light Curtains
  • Induction Floor Loops
  • Emergency stops

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