PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains - Stainless Steel Track

Chillsaver Stainless Steel Track Strip Curtains are the ultimate heavy duty, cost effective solution to maintain the temperature and hygiene of cool rooms, freezer rooms, clean rooms and other industrial facilities. Installing a PVC strip curtain to your temperature controlled environment will provide your business with significant and proven energy savings.

Each stainless steel track strip curtain system is custom made to order and we stock a vast range of PVC strip material in various colours, widths and thickness. We aim to provide you with the best option for any doorway, and will advise you on which system is best suited for your application.

Chillsaver stainless steel tracks can also be manufactured and configured in a variety of sliding systems. A sliding strip curtain system is a useful and efficient function to provide unrestricted access through a doorway during times of peak traffic such as loading and unloading operations.

Available in single, double or triple sliding sections, we have a solution for almost any situation.

Stainless Steel Track System Benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces hot/cold air loss providing significant energy and cost savings.
  • Prolongs shelf life of produce by maintaining lower operating temperatures.
  • Reduced coolroom condensation and coil icing problems
  • Helps to meet health department and storage regulation requirements.
  • Effective sound barriers around machinery and between noisy areas.
  • Assists with the control of dust and insects.
  • Quick and easy to install and maintain.
  • Individual strips easily removed or replaced for routine cleaning operations
  • Crystal clear UV stabilised PVC strips in a wide range of widths and thickness.

Stainless Steel Track System Options:

  • Fixed track available in modular form to cover any opening
  • Single, Double, Triple sliding systems in various configurations
  • Beam and rail systems for roller doors or partitioning
  • Fixed, Sliding, Gliding systems for refrigerated trucks & vans
  • Design and fabrication of custom systems to suit most applications

PVC options:

  • Standard, Polar and Welding grades of PVC
  • Clear, coloured and ribbed material available
  • Widths from 100mm to 400mm
  • Thicknesses from 1.2mm to 7mm
  • 4mm to 7mm flexible PVC panels are also available to suit special applications
  • Requirements outside of the above sizes can also be supplied to special order.


Gliding PVC Strip Curtain System:
If maximum versatility and flexibility of load size is required along with ease of use, then the patented Chillsaver Truck Gliding System is the ultimate solution.

Single-handed operation of the brake handle enables the curtain system to glide fore and aft on a single main track, automatically locking to any position along the vehicle length.

An additional major benefit of the gliding system over a fixed system is that the size of the temperature conditioned area is reduced at each unloading drop, thus improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing running costs.

Sliding PVC Strip Curtain System:
Our systems can also be configured to include single, double or triple sideways sliding tracks to suit most applications including truck/van side and rear doors, this is particularly useful for improving access and speeding up bulk loading and unloading when the truck is docked.

Fixed PVC Strip Curtain System:
Fixed curtain systems are the most cost effective option and are generally mounted just inside the truck rear and side doors. They are sometimes mounted midway up the truck body to separate a frozen area from a chilled area or a chilled area from an un-chilled or dry area.

Flexible PVC Panel System:
In certain applications, if greater separation and sealing are required between the zones, PVC strips can be replaced with flexible PVC panels. These are generally combined with a double slider/triple slider glider system to allow access to the different zones.

Chillsaver Truck & Van System benefits:

  • Can be moved to any position to accommodate varying load sizes.
  • Fixed, double or triple sideways sliding options available.
  • Single longitudinal main track prevents system from jamming during use.
  • Dramatically reduces cold air loss.
  • Can be used as a temperature divider in trucks with two evaporators.
  • Improved access over a fixed system.

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