PVC Strip Curtains Trucks & Vans – Gliding System

If maximum versatility and flexibility of load size is required along with ease of use, then the patented Chillsaver Truck Gliding System is the ultimate solution.

Single-handed operation of the brake handle enables the curtain system to glide fore and aft on a single main track, automatically locking to any position along the vehicle length.

It can include fixed, double or triple sideways sliding tracks depending upon a customer‚s particular access requirements, this is particularly useful for improving access and speeding up bulk loading and unloading when the truck is docked.

An additional major benefit of the gliding system over a fixed system is that the size of the temperature conditioned area is reduced at each drop, following unloading, thus improving efficiency, saving energy and reducing running costs.

Benefits of a Gliding PVC Strip Curtain System:

  • Can be moved to any position to accommodate varying load sizes.
  • Fixed, double or triple sideways sliding options available.
  • Single longitudinal main track prevents system from jamming during use.
  • Dramatically reduces cold air loss.
  • Can be used as a temperature divider in trucks with two evaporators.