Display Cabinet Accessories – Chillerstrips

Chillerstrips are custom designed for supermarket display cabinets to help maintain the cabinet at the correct operating temperature, as required by legislation and to dramatically reduce the running costs of the cabinet.

The system comprises of high quality, crystal clear UV stabilised PVC strips mounted on a three-part UPVC (white plastic) extrusion.

Chillerstrips assist the cabinet to operate in conditions that would otherwise prevent satisfactory operation, for example out in the open, in a draft, in hot or humid environments.

Each section comprises of a uniquely designed clip-on/clip-off system, permitting easy access for restocking and cleaning.

Chillerstrips are available in both single and double rail versions, depending upon the cabinet design.

In the single rail version, a three-part UPVC extrusion is mounted near the top of the front face of the cabinet and the strips hang down like a conventional strip curtain, they are free to move around at the bottom.

In the double rail version, an additional three-part UPVC extrusion is fitted at the bottom of the front face of the cabinet to further stabilise and position the strips.

The lower rail can be mounted either vertically or horizontally dependant upon the cabinet design and whether or not a curvature to the PVC strips is required.

Chillerstrips provide the following benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Reduces cabinet maintenance
  • Dramatically reduces cold air loss
  • Custom made to suit individual requirements
  • Effective in reducing dust and contamination of produce
  • Supplied in sections to assist with restocking and cleaning
  • Tests prove that energy savings of up to 50% are achievable
  • Helps to maintain a uniform cabinet temperature that extends product life
  • Dispenses with the need for Night blinds